Stereoscopic Raytracing with POV-Ray

StereoPOV, written by «Ichthyostega» (Hermann Voßeler), is an experimental Version (unofficial patch) of POV-Ray. The Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-RayTM) is a tool for producing high-quality computer graphics. POV-Ray is copyrighted freeware and, without a doubt, it is the worlds most popular raytracer.

This patch enables some of the camera types built into POV-Ray 3.5 to generate real 3D output by generating stereoscopic pairs of images. In »STEREO-trace«-mode, the width of the output images created will be double the amount specified, containing left and right view of the pair side-by-side. There are deliberately, by design decision, no other output formats (e.g. anaglyphes, interlaced) available, because creating such is the job of a painting or image mounting program, not a raytracer.

The key feature of this patch is the ability to render the two halfimages in a single raytracing pass, whilst sharing the results of lighting, texture, photon and radiosity calculations. Five built in camera types are "stereoscopically enabeled": perspective, orthogonal, fisheye, cylindrical and spherical wideangle, the latter beeing a new addition specifically designed to create full range stereoscopic images of fisheye type.

Status Update (1/08): Content of this webpage mostly dates from 2003.
Patch and executables are still based on POV-Ray 3.5
As you probably guessed, I had not much time left to work on further versions. Yet the possibilities of combining Stereoscopy, non-standatd (fishey) perspective and CG remains one of the most intriguing themes for me, and I am determined to come back to this project at some point in the future.

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All content preseted on this webpage is provided for non-commercial, private and educational purposes. The StereoPOV patch is governed by the POV-Ray Version 3.5 License. All other material – if not expressly stated otherwise – is © Hermann Voßeler, 2002-2005. No Reproduction for commercial purposes without prior written permission.

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